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DUCTZ of Tucson opened in 2007 to provide air duct cleaning and indoor air quality solutions for home and business owners in Maricopa and Pima Counties. The local duct cleaning experts adhere to National Air Duct Cleaners Association standards and EPA guidelines as they clean and restore air ducts and HVAC systems.

Duct cleaning service is offered to anyone with a heating and cooling system who may be concerned with the quality of air they breathe. Health benefits include elimination of allergy triggers that cause asthma or other respiratory related ailments. Regular air system cleaning can extend the life of the heating and cooling equipment and save the customer thousands of dollars in utilities and repair or replacement costs.

Owner, Vince Divarco, takes pride in giving the best duct system cleaning service available. His service technicians are trained in the latest air duct cleaning and HVAC restoration techniques. Cleaning a ventilation system and doing the job right the first time is top priority. DUCTZ ensures customers they are getting the high-quality HVAC restoration and air duct cleaning service they deserve.

DUCTZ is a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Make this the Last Roof You Will Ever Purchase!
All-Weather Seal Metal-Roofing Systems are quite in demand as they have been industry proven for nearly a century! Our roofs are crafted to be the optimal roofing option and the last roof you will EVER need to have installed on your home.

Our Stone-Coated Metal Roofs furnish sturdiness and resilient functionality while amplifying the appearance and aesthetics of your house. All-Weather Seal Metal Roofing Systems are the ultimate roof constructed to stand up to blizzards, damaging strong winds and hail and they can even resist fires and stay looking like new.

Shake Roofing:
The stone coated steel Ridgewood tile profile offers all the benefits for customers who desire the appearance of wood shake combined with the strength and security of steel metal roofing material. Our premium stone coated metal roofing tiles will keep their good looks for years without needing the expensive maintenance, care and replacement that accompanies natural wood shake roofs.

The stone coated steel Granite Ridge Shingles provide the appearance of high-end architectural asphalt shingles, along with the life-time durability and sturdiness of stone coated steel. Interlinking steel roofing panels with overlaying side seams and interlocking top seam hides all fastenings for a neat, smooth watertight finish. Customized interlocking fascia and wall finishing trims further enhances the superior finish.

Confidence is the end result of all home design projects done by All-Weather Seal. All work is supported by a lifetime limited warranty to ensure decades of stress-free comfort. Our warranty is entirely transferable meaning it not only safeguards you, but even the resale value of your property.

* see rep for full details.

Dryer Vent Wizard focuses on cleaning, repairing and replacing dryer ducts. Besides dryer vent cleaning service they help to ‘pre-vent’ health and safety threats in the laundry room, including environmental hazards like mildew, dust, and most important, dryer fires. Doug Bittner has owned Dryer Vent Wizard of Northern Virginia since 2006.

Education is a significant phase of the Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard’s service. Customers enjoy the best dryer vent service offered in the industry. They get beneficial suggestions to keep their family safe and sound while lowering energy expenses and maximizing dryer performance.

Dryer Vent Wizard technicians can detect problems and make necessary adjustments to optimize air flow needed for a dryer to work safely and efficiently. The Wizard brings all the tools and materials needed to finish the entire job in one day, from dryer vent cleaning and repair to professional dryer vent installation based on current safety specifications.

Over 80 % of American homes have clothes dryers and only 20 % of residents take note of the benefit of dryer vent cleaning service. Over 17,000 dryer fires occur annually, resulting in deaths, injuries and more than $100 million in property damage with failure to maintain clean dryer vents cited as the leading cause. The Wizard’s aim is to raise consumer interest even if they do not elect to have work executed the day of the appointment.

Homeowners who have dryer vent service handled by the Wizard enjoy peace of mind seeing their dryer is functioning safely and efficiently. Dryer vent cleaning prevents dryer fires, diminishes energy bills, lengthens the life of the dryer, prevents mold and mildew damage to homes, deters carbon monoxide poisoning with gas dryers and maximizes dryer performance. Professional dryer vent installation by the Wizard ensures a safe dryer vent system installed according to current building and safety regulations to conform to the dryer manufacturer’s warranty.

In contrast to other dryer vent cleaning providers, the Wizard ( takes 2 to 3 hours on every job to be sure all work is carried out professionally and the job site is clean when they are finished. The job is not complete until the consumer has knowledge of how their dryer vent system works and steps to ensure it is sufficiently looked after in the future.

Have you thought of how Home Performance in Cape Coral windows and doors may be accenting and supporting your property this cold season? During the warmer months, we’re often fixed on indulging in get-aways and respite in the outdoors; not seriously expecting the cruel wintertime. Who can blame us? In the North, the images of last winter have only started to wither, and we simply just wish to take a deep waft of fresh air and take advantage of a little bit of sun.

The only point is that this also happens to be the ideal time to make sure that the harshness of last winter is minimized a little bit once the season comes around once again. Try to remember those shrieking windows? The ones which have probably become a little less resistant to the blowing wind and cold throughout the years. And lets definitely not overlook the doors that re meant to keep your family safe and protected from the elements; Many years of weather and usage have taken their toll on these as well.

Without a doubt, you do not want to even think of winter now, however similar to planning ahead of time for that warm weather getaway that you have been anticipating all spring; it pays to get ahead of the game. The very first thing to consider is the fact that replacement of windows and doors is much easier through late spring, summer & early fall. That indicates that you’ll easily get better prices from your installment company– their employees won’t have to be subjected to the extremes of a winter installment.

Another factor to consider is that with many families working on indulging in the summer– window and door installment companies are not quite as swamped. This also suggests that you’ll be more probable to obtain a less expensive price on your installation. Yet another point to consider is the simple fact that with summer season installations, your home will have a lot less exposure to the weather. Lastly, with even less hazardous conditions throughout warm seasons, your window or door installment job will be wrapped up even quicker than usual. Home Performance in Cape Coral has a new video at:

Dryer Vent Inspection
Dryer lint accumulation is the leading cause of dryer fires. There are approximately 15,500 reported dryer fires every year resulting in approximately 34 deaths, 430 injuries, and more than $209 million in property damages. Neglected dryer maintenance, improper dryer vent installation or use of inferior dryer duct material can lead to excess lint build up. Regularly scheduled dryer vent inspection and maintenance service by the Rollingwood Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard is the best solution to all dryer vent problems.

Leading appliance manufacturers recommend annual dryer vent inspection and dryer vent cleaning service to remove lint accumulation and ensure proper airflow for maximum dryer performance.

A Professional Dryer Vent Inspection Includes:

Vent lines
Lint traps
Joint connections
Termination point
Washer Hoses

A thorough dryer vent inspection will allow Dryer Vent Wizard to identify any fire, safety, or health hazards that are present due to obstructions, improper vent construction, or non-code compliant materials.

Dryer Vent Wizard ( technicians provide a written estimate based upon the diagnostic inspection and explain in detail the services needed to keep your home safe. Call the Wizard at 888-676-6142 to schedule your dryer vent inspection today.

Many AC parts stores will only do business with authorized heating and cooling contractors however, the local appliance parts store concentrates on catering to the Do It Yourself homeowner

Imagine that! A Tapco air conditioning parts shop that not only sells to the general public, but literally specializes in assisting the DIY homeowner. Could this trend be putting the Tampa appliance repair provider out of business? Definitely not; there will always be a demand for a capable service specialist.

The local Tapco AC parts retailer stocks everything the homeowner or contractor must have fix heating and cooling equipment. Their accommodating online store allows service providers to stock up on universal replacement parts. The local store has a complete line of OEM parts for most makes and models of domestic heating and cooling systems.

DIYers who basically need a little guidance can visit the local air conditioning parts store and talk to a professional. They can also search for AC repair hints at the online store with answers to concerns like ‘What size ac unit do I need?’ and How frequently do I clean the filter?’ All the information given is presented in a crystal clear, easy to understand layout.

Appliance Parts Today carries Tapco air conditioning parts and devices for all leading brands including a complete line of Goodman equipment. They carry a large variety of parts in-stock for customers to pick up and if they do not have the part, they have the ability to have it within a few days. Their English and Spanish speaking staff offer free technical suggestions and there is no freight charge if the buyer picks up the part at the store.

Clients are encouraged to check out Appliance Parts Today for first-rate customer service and technical advice from a friendly, proficient staff. See to get more information.

About Appliance Parts Today:
Appliance Parts Today opened in March of 2003 to provide area residents and local service technicians a large line of replacement parts for home appliances and air conditioning units. Customers can call the store to place their order and normally pick up their appliance parts the same day. Appliance Parts Today also carries a full line of Goodman air conditioning parts. The company is happy to serve do-it-yourself homeowners, pro viding technical advice when needed.


Lance Kimball
Appliance Parts Today
12000 N Nebraska Ave #A
Tampa, FL 33612
813-849-7279 Fax

Marble is available in many assortments which are frequently labelled after the area of their quarries. Paros and Penteli from Greece, Carrara from Italy, Proconnesus from Turkey, Macael from Spain, Makrana from India, Danby from Vermont and Yule from Colorado

Marble is a crystallized sedimentary rock, mainly made up out of quartz and orthoclase or microcline. Marble can be used for numerous applications, such as sculpting, structures and tombstones. In antiquity, marble was employed in the construction of basilicas and castles for an elaborate look. Marble is still very popular and is used in present day homes to generate a lavish appeal. Advanced technology and various finishes make marble a well-suited textile for kitchen sinks, bathroom vanities, window sills, floor coverings and more. A polished finish will draw out depth and color for a sink or vanity top, while a honed finish will furnish a less slippery floor tile.

Faux marbling is a procedure of painting which mimics the color and grain of genuine marble. Marble dust could be united with fabricated resins to create reconstituted or cultured marble.

Though marble is generally used as a building stone in the construction industry, it also has many other uses. Ground marble powder is used as a component in paint, plastics and other industrial professions. Marble is also known for its ethnic associations, for example, it was the preferred source for Greek and Roman Sculptors and architects as a representation for tradition and civilized taste. Marble is a beloved cosmetic ingredient and its many varieties are often copied because of its vibrant pattern.

Surface Encounters is a leader in marble countertop construction. Surface Encounters has over a century collected experience engineering and installing marble floors and kitchen counters. Surface Encounters state of the art machinery ensures the finest quality finished product line with satisfaction guaranteed. Marble adds aesthetics and class to your home.

Homeowners are spending more time, energy and money on their kitchens nowadays than other remodeling projects. Among the first things to determine when you design your new kitchen is the type of countertop to install. There are lots of kinds to go with, entailing assortments of granite, marble and manufactured products. There are many reasons why the flourishing trend today is granite.


Looks-Beauty and Sophistication:


Granite is stunning and stylish. It is offered in a variety of dazzling colors and polishes, making it easy to fit to the balance of your kitchen design. The hinges and handles you choose for your cabinet doors and drawers can be matched to the natural grandeur of the granite to boost its polished sheen. The natural patterns in the granite breeds a wonderful foundation for the general design of your kitchen so everything flows and blends well.


Textures-Rich and Trendy:


The huge sections of granite removed from the ground are made into slabs. This technique allows less design variation and discoloration. Moreover, compared to tiles, there are less cuts or blemishes to decrease the probability of dust or gravel in fissures. Granite countertops offer a uniform, solid surface when they are cut and polished.


Strength and Long life:


Granite is a hard, long-lasting stone, harvested from deep in the ground. It is resistant to heat, severe temperature changes and it doesn’t scratch or fracture easily. When it is properly sealed, it is not as vulnerable as synthetic materials to staining or discoloration from chemicals, hot pans or spills. Granite does need some maintenance, but with hardly any work, it will sustain its beauty for a lifetime of use.


A Wise Investment:


Granite is a comparatively pricey material and will amplify the overall expense of upgrading your property, yet it is a wise investment, due to its aesthetic appeal and longevity. If you are planning to sell your home in the future, a prospective buyer will have even less room for negotiating your asking price down if they don’t need to go through the expense and hard work of renovating the kitchen.


Since granite is a natural stone material, it is very easy to take care of its good looks and sophistication. Because of its noted toughness and durability, there is no need to be concerned about it losing its appeal over the years. With minimal maintenance you will manage to preserve the look and polish of your granite countertop for many years ahead.


Surface Encounters has over 100 years collected experience fabricating and installing granite countertops. Surface Encounters cutting-edge equipment provides the finest quality finished product with satisfaction guaranteed. Natural stone surfaces from Surface Encounters will endure a lifetime and not go out of fashion.

Which is better for kitchen and bath countertops; Marble or Granite? Both are superior products that bring appeal and richness to any home. Both are readily available in a wide variety of colors and can be finished by using a variety of techniques for getting different appearances. Both choices are easy to take care of with products and sealants that are primarily made for application on these products.


By all means they come with their contrasts as well. Let’s take a look at the Benefits and drawbacks of both so you will be able to make a knowledgeable decision concerning which of these surfaces is best for your decorating taste.


About Marble


Marble is metamorphic mass found deep in the ground. Its fundamental ingredient, calcium carbonate, is found all over, from sedimentary rock to antacids. This practical substance is recognized by other names, according to its application and form. Limestone is a sedimentary kind of calcium and is found in the earth, where it undergoes extreme heat energy and high pressure to become forged into what we recognize as marble.


Remarkably, this rock can also be crushed to a filler additive for use in quite a few items like pharmaceutics, writing paper, paint and cement hardener. Marble is an exquisite, durable product, but it can also be permeable and can easily be damaged by acid or direct heat. Even if a quality sealant is used annually to preserve the countertop, care must be taken or your marble countertop could be destroyed by hot frying pans, certain substances or citric acids such as lemon or orange juice. Due to the fact that marble is porous, it can be blemished. If it gets scratched, fluids can seep under the sealer and stain the marble.


Marble is a breathtaking countertop material and must be appropriately protected to preserve its beauty. It is most suitable for low traffic areas or sculpting, but when applied as a kitchen countertop or bath vanity or floor covering, extra precaution and maintenance are needed.


About Granite


Granite is also a metamorphic rock, found deep in the earth. It is made of quartz, silicon, feldspar, mica and numerous other minerals. Just like marble, it is forged under extreme pressure and heat. Granite is also quite beautiful and will provide ambiance to a home. Granite is not as porous as marble, so it is resistant to chemicals, heat and acids. The quartz is the element that provides the solidity and durability compared to that of softer marble.


Granite is a bit more stain and scratch resistant than marble and holds up well in high traffic areas, so it makes a suitable product for countertops and floors. With a proper sealer and maintenance, it will endure for many years with no scratches, chipping, cracking or blemishing.


Granite slabs are extremely heavy, so installing a granite countertop may involve added support of your existing cupboards. Granite can be costly since installing it is labor intensive, but the cost is without a doubt offset by its exquisiteness and grace.


Granite is more easily accessible and more abundant than marble. Granite can be found in Arizona, New Mexico and a few northerly states and it’s easier to transport, easier to acquire and more economical to use. Marble is brought in from South America or Europe.


Thus, the decision is up to you. Both surface materials are gorgeous and stylish but granite seems to stands up better in traffic areas and countertops and has a greater tolerance to discoloration, chemicals, heat and breakage. Both surfaces must be kept up with specially designed cleaning solutions and sealants and both are strong and durable.


Surface Encounters is the top natural stone countertop producers in the country. Surface Encounters applies sophisticated innovation to stay in front of the competition. Using computer numerically regulated stone processing equipment, they achieve a perfectly cut and finished edge on each and every countertop. Skillfully blending the latest technology with old world stone craftsmanship, Surface Encounters are the wizards at creating quality marble and granite countertops which they expertly install.

You are stuffing a load of the entire week’s laundry into your old washing machine, you set the dial, push in the knob, wait for the sound of water rushing to fill the tub but nothing seems to happen. What do you do in such a situation? The cold and unnerving silence is a sign that your washer must be having a problem. The next thing you’d probably do is start searching for appliance repairs and repairmen in your local area. But how do you find a good repairman? The following are 6 appliance tips for finding a repairman.

1.Ask Friends and Neighbors

This is probably the best place to start. Ask about the companies they have called in the past for dishwasher repair, refrigerator repair, dryer repair, washer repair, or stove repair and inquire about the one they were satisfied with their work. If they would use that company again because of the good work, great service, and affordable price, then that is your repairman. You want to deal with a professional technician with a good track record and can offer quality service at a great price.

2. Research Potential Hires

Researching potential hires will enable you get at least 3 estimates so that you can compare the bids based on parts, labor, prices and warranty. This will also let you know for how long the company has been in the appliance repair business. Checking reviews on Angie’s List and speaking with past customers will provide you with sufficient information about the company best suited for the job.

3. Look for an Appliance Company that Accepts Credit Cards

In your search, look for an appliance technician who accepts credit cards, as small businesses have to jump through a number of hoops in order to accept credit card payments. The owner’s credit history – both personal and business – has to be satisfactory to a financial service institution, such as a bank, before the merchant’s application to accept major credit cards is approved. Moreover, credit cards offer the consumer some sort of recourse in case of shoddy repair job. If you are unsatisfied with the work, you can call your credit card company to charge the cost back to the merchant. Consider this consumer protection from people who are out to rip you off.

4. Check Skill Level

This is obvious. You want to hire a company whose staff has the required training, expertise, and experience to get the job done, competently. Ask if the staffs have the technical training or are certified in appliance repair. The last thing any customer would want is to have an appliance repaired, and then – barely a week later – the same problem resurfaces. This is not only a waste of time and money, but can also induce stress. 

5. Inquire about Costs Involved

While charges may vary, expect to part with up to $100 for a typical appliance repair service call, and additional parts and labor charges may apply if you contract the repair company. However, many service companies will deduct the service charge.

6. Ask About Warranty

Check to determine if the repairman guarantees his work, and for how long. A typical warranty covers from 90 days to a year.