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Dryer Vent Inspection
Dryer lint accumulation is the leading cause of dryer fires. There are approximately 15,500 reported dryer fires every year resulting in approximately 34 deaths, 430 injuries, and more than $209 million in property damages. Neglected dryer maintenance, improper dryer vent installation or use of inferior dryer duct material can lead to excess lint build up. Regularly scheduled dryer vent inspection and maintenance service by the Rollingwood Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard is the best solution to all dryer vent problems.

Leading appliance manufacturers recommend annual dryer vent inspection and dryer vent cleaning service to remove lint accumulation and ensure proper airflow for maximum dryer performance.

A Professional Dryer Vent Inspection Includes:

Vent lines
Lint traps
Joint connections
Termination point
Washer Hoses

A thorough dryer vent inspection will allow Dryer Vent Wizard to identify any fire, safety, or health hazards that are present due to obstructions, improper vent construction, or non-code compliant materials.

Dryer Vent Wizard ( technicians provide a written estimate based upon the diagnostic inspection and explain in detail the services needed to keep your home safe. Call the Wizard at 888-676-6142 to schedule your dryer vent inspection today.

Many AC parts stores will only do business with authorized heating and cooling contractors however, the local appliance parts store concentrates on catering to the Do It Yourself homeowner

Imagine that! A Tapco air conditioning parts shop that not only sells to the general public, but literally specializes in assisting the DIY homeowner. Could this trend be putting the Tampa appliance repair provider out of business? Definitely not; there will always be a demand for a capable service specialist.

The local Tapco AC parts retailer stocks everything the homeowner or contractor must have fix heating and cooling equipment. Their accommodating online store allows service providers to stock up on universal replacement parts. The local store has a complete line of OEM parts for most makes and models of domestic heating and cooling systems.

DIYers who basically need a little guidance can visit the local air conditioning parts store and talk to a professional. They can also search for AC repair hints at the online store with answers to concerns like ‘What size ac unit do I need?’ and How frequently do I clean the filter?’ All the information given is presented in a crystal clear, easy to understand layout.

Appliance Parts Today carries Tapco air conditioning parts and devices for all leading brands including a complete line of Goodman equipment. They carry a large variety of parts in-stock for customers to pick up and if they do not have the part, they have the ability to have it within a few days. Their English and Spanish speaking staff offer free technical suggestions and there is no freight charge if the buyer picks up the part at the store.

Clients are encouraged to check out Appliance Parts Today for first-rate customer service and technical advice from a friendly, proficient staff. See to get more information.

About Appliance Parts Today:
Appliance Parts Today opened in March of 2003 to provide area residents and local service technicians a large line of replacement parts for home appliances and air conditioning units. Customers can call the store to place their order and normally pick up their appliance parts the same day. Appliance Parts Today also carries a full line of Goodman air conditioning parts. The company is happy to serve do-it-yourself homeowners, pro viding technical advice when needed.


Lance Kimball
Appliance Parts Today
12000 N Nebraska Ave #A
Tampa, FL 33612
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