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Which is better for kitchen and bath countertops; Marble or Granite? Both are superior products that bring appeal and richness to any home. Both are readily available in a wide variety of colors and can be finished by using a variety of techniques for getting different appearances. Both choices are easy to take care of with products and sealants that are primarily made for application on these products.


By all means they come with their contrasts as well. Let’s take a look at the Benefits and drawbacks of both so you will be able to make a knowledgeable decision concerning which of these surfaces is best for your decorating taste.


About Marble


Marble is metamorphic mass found deep in the ground. Its fundamental ingredient, calcium carbonate, is found all over, from sedimentary rock to antacids. This practical substance is recognized by other names, according to its application and form. Limestone is a sedimentary kind of calcium and is found in the earth, where it undergoes extreme heat energy and high pressure to become forged into what we recognize as marble.


Remarkably, this rock can also be crushed to a filler additive for use in quite a few items like pharmaceutics, writing paper, paint and cement hardener. Marble is an exquisite, durable product, but it can also be permeable and can easily be damaged by acid or direct heat. Even if a quality sealant is used annually to preserve the countertop, care must be taken or your marble countertop could be destroyed by hot frying pans, certain substances or citric acids such as lemon or orange juice. Due to the fact that marble is porous, it can be blemished. If it gets scratched, fluids can seep under the sealer and stain the marble.


Marble is a breathtaking countertop material and must be appropriately protected to preserve its beauty. It is most suitable for low traffic areas or sculpting, but when applied as a kitchen countertop or bath vanity or floor covering, extra precaution and maintenance are needed.


About Granite


Granite is also a metamorphic rock, found deep in the earth. It is made of quartz, silicon, feldspar, mica and numerous other minerals. Just like marble, it is forged under extreme pressure and heat. Granite is also quite beautiful and will provide ambiance to a home. Granite is not as porous as marble, so it is resistant to chemicals, heat and acids. The quartz is the element that provides the solidity and durability compared to that of softer marble.


Granite is a bit more stain and scratch resistant than marble and holds up well in high traffic areas, so it makes a suitable product for countertops and floors. With a proper sealer and maintenance, it will endure for many years with no scratches, chipping, cracking or blemishing.


Granite slabs are extremely heavy, so installing a granite countertop may involve added support of your existing cupboards. Granite can be costly since installing it is labor intensive, but the cost is without a doubt offset by its exquisiteness and grace.


Granite is more easily accessible and more abundant than marble. Granite can be found in Arizona, New Mexico and a few northerly states and it’s easier to transport, easier to acquire and more economical to use. Marble is brought in from South America or Europe.


Thus, the decision is up to you. Both surface materials are gorgeous and stylish but granite seems to stands up better in traffic areas and countertops and has a greater tolerance to discoloration, chemicals, heat and breakage. Both surfaces must be kept up with specially designed cleaning solutions and sealants and both are strong and durable.


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